At least half the cost of building a garden is in the materials. So therefore it’s important to get something that will look good as well as stand the test of time.

At ORIGIN we prefer to use natural materials for aesthetic as well as environmental reasons. Natural stone products look good and weather so much better. Long term they are less likely to need replacing as quickly as concrete. This longevity and superior look, in our opinion, makes natural stone the best choice.

We only use stone that is from a supplier with certificates of Ethical and Environmental trading policies. These firms monitor the manufacturing process to make sure the labour force has correct safety equipment, fair pay & conditions as well as adhere to good environmental practices.


Global stone is one of the companies we prefer to use, they are a natural stone importer & supplier to builders merchants throughout the UK.

If you wish to find out more about Global Stone, please visit their website & download their latest brochure. ORIGIN gardens are featured on pages 32 & 34.

The Environment

Wherever possible we recycle waste materials. We use a special crushing machine that recyles old paving slabs into a crushed hardcore which makes a wonderful base for patios and paths. This enables us to aviod using landfill. We also use a free draining sub-base for all front gardens meeting with new government guidelines, which helps with water draining back into the soil.

Unfortunatley we haven't found a substitute for concrete but we are looking at ways to use a lot less.

Using good quality lighting totally transforms the garden. Stunning effects can be achieved with the correct lights.
Garden lighting has radically improved over the years. Now they are smaller, sleeker and much more energy efficient.


Getting the right planting scheme is as important as getting the right design. Combining the right plants for the right place is essential to complete a stunning design. A good scheme should not only look good for as much of the year as possible but within it deliver an exciting mix of colour, contrast, shape and form.

It is important to choose plants that will grow in the conditions and plants that work well with what is around them in the garden environment. Each plant should compliment other plants with size shape, texture & colour.

We source our plants from the best nurseries for the best prices. Some of our suppliers grow and stock plants specially for us, which enables us to supply customers at times of year when other garden centres and nurseries have usually sold out of the choicest plants.



We are able to create bespoke garden features from natural stone. Working closely with the Creative Stone company we can get get virtually any piece of stone cut and drilled to our requirements.

To find out more information please visit their website

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